Below are some Frequently Asked Quesions we often receive at Cincinnati Book Publishing. Please call us to discuss these or any other questions.

What is a supported or subsidized press?

We are not a traditional publishing house that offers a monetary advance to an author in exchange for the rights to his or her manuscript, which must be paid back before the author can begin receiving royalties. Instead, we offer a variety of services to help self-starting authors refine their manuscript, design and print it beautifully, and market their book independently in order to retain full control and rights over their work. If you're tired of writing query letters to agents, or if you believe that you have the passion to spread the word about your book faster and better than a big publishing house could, come talk to us.

I have a good idea for a book, would you buy the idea from me?

No. We do not purchase ideas or manuscripts.  We work with authors to bring their ideas to print, or we can assign a ghostwriter to tell your story.  But we do charge a fee for this and other prepress and publication services.  Our fees are reasonable, so our authors almost all break even through book sales.

My book is not completed yet. Will you still consider it?

We generally prefer that the book be 100% written, preferably in the author’s second draft, and ready to be submitted for a critique or even copy edits. If you merely have an idea for a book, write an abstract or synopsis and contact Sue Ann Painter. 

Do you offer help in writing my book?

Yes. CBP offers a number of services. If you are having trouble finishing your book, or getting a character from point A to point B, we can work as your developmental editor and get you past whatever is blocking your creativity. Or we can assign a writer to work with you. 

What books do you publish?

We accept manuscripts from both new and established authors. Established authors have come to us when they tired of waiting for a standard publisher to accept a new manuscript that did not fit any publisher's immediate need. We do not have any stipulations on genre of books. We have published award-winning children’s books and novels. Our niche, however, tends to fall in the nonfiction categories: historical nonfiction, memoirs, biographies, and instructional books.

What formats does Cincinnati Book Publishing publish?

Traditional softbound or hardcover books, as well as electronic reader formats (ebooks).  We have excellent graphic designers and printers, and we have published some award-winning picture books. 

What about my rights?

The rights to your book remain completely your own. Upon entering into a contract with us, we give you a hardcopy contract to look over and to keep. Every fee and every right is written into the contract, so there are no surprises.


If you have any more questions that were not answered here, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Contact Us page to submit a request.

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