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'The Brain' Release

The newest addition to CBP’s diverse collection of publications is “The Brain,” written and illustrated by Gabrielle Zuccarello.

This children’s book is designed with kids 4-8 years of age in mind, but is educational for all ages. The book gives children, and their parents, a general understanding of the brain and the dangers of brain injuries.

Every movement, every thought, every word is processed by the super-computer in our head known as the brain. So, of course, protecting it should be a high priority in order to protect our children.

“The Brain” is a full-color guide to interest children in health and educate them on how to best safeguard their heads and the fascinating brains inside. Protecting the most complex organ in the body may seem difficult, but this book will provide your child with the practical knowledge needed to do just that.

The Brain Cover


“The Brain” is Zuccarello’s second book with Cincinnati Book Publishing, illustrated in the same engaging style as her popular “Kids Cook Italian.” The book raised money to aid in researching a cure for muscular dystrophy at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.

Gabrielle Zuccarello grew up in Padova, Italy. She graduated from the University of Padova with honors, as well as later obtaining a graduate degree from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program. Her art is highly influenced by her background and Italian roots, and is a beautiful tool to aid the many causes about which Zuccarello is passionate.

“The Brain” is now available on the Cincinnati Book Publishing store for $15.00 and is a wonderful and unique gift for any child in your life.

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Judge Mark Painter is an experienced lawyer with a distinguished career, yet he can still add to resume daily through his published works. Three of Painter’s five books have been published through Cincinnati Book Publishing, and he is currently in the process of creating the fifth edition of The Legal Writer: 40 Rules for the Art of Legal Writing.

Painter first decided to write The Legal Writer because he had already complied the material throughout his career. He said, “I was doing a number of seminars on legal writing, and I had overhead slides – oh so long ago when there used to be overheads – and I had done so much work on that, rather than hand out copies on pieces of paper, it seemed sensible to grow it into a book. So I did.”lwcover 8 09.19160729 std

"Certainly if you include on your resume the number of books you've published, that adds to you credibility," Painter said.

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Somebody Needs to Tell This Story

It’s November 2005, and I’m 59 years old.  I’m sitting in the first base dugout of the City of Palms stadium in Fort Myers, Florida, where the Boston Red Sox will be playing their spring training games in but a few months. 

Although back home in Cincinnati, it’s cold with a forecast of snow, it’s 75-degrees and sunny for our game.  The grass is bright green and immaculately trimmed.  There are palm trees beyond the outfield wall—kind of a Florida equivalent of the corn at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa.  It’s the sixth inning of a game on the Wednesday of a week-long tournament.  I’m surrounded in the dugout, on the field, and in the tournament by “kids my own age,” still playing the game we love.Never-too-old cover

In one of those many moments of calm during a baseball game, I have time to think about the senior baseball community, about what the game means to those who play, and about how I’ve never seen a book on the subject.  And I have time to say to myself, “Somebody needs to tell this story.” 

An hour later, I’m in the car with my wife, Ann, heading back to the motel to relax after the day’s doubleheader and to get ready for tomorrow’s two-game set.  I surprise both Ann and myself when I suddenly declare out loud, “I’m going to write a book.”

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Monday, 01 August 2016 15:52

Welcome to the Land of "Soon Come"

LandSoonCome Front Cover Art WebMeet CBP’s newest author, Barbra Coyle, and learn about her children’s book In the Land of “Soon Come.”

In the Land of “Soon Come” is an account of Coyle’s experiences in Negril, Jamaica. Coyle has been travelling to Negril and taking mission groups to the Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church since 2006, where she worked with Franciscan Fr. Jim Bok, a Cincinnati native and old friend of Coyle’s.

Coyle, a resident of West Chester, originally journaled her story to preserve the memories, and explain to her family why she felt so called to Negril. “Someday I want my children and grandchildren to know why this whole experience has been such a blessing,” she explained to me in a personal interview. Coyle didn’t consider publication until several years later, when she was thinking of various ways she could raise money for the Mary Gate of Heaven Parish. “All of a sudden, it was like I kept hearing in my heart, “Publish your book! Publish your book!” and I’m like “Who wants to read this story, God?”” But, like she allowed the voice to lead her to Jamaica, Coyle listened once more and began writing her children’s book.

Coyle planned on finding an illustrator for her story, but had not yet begun to search for one when she discovered the perfect artist. “My girlfriend, who has been my lifelong morning sent a piece of art that her granddaughter had won a national contest with...because she was just so proud. And when I pulled up the picture I literally got chills and I knew, oh my gosh, here’s my illustrator!” This young artist was Taylor Kling, who was 14 years old at the time she and Coyle began. “At the time I told her, I can’t promise you anyone will see this book but you and I,” Coyle said. Coyle shared all of her photographs from her trips and Kling designed and painted the book’s 20 original illustrations page by page. “She’s amazing and I was thrilled with everything,” Coyle said.IMG 1714

One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales of In the Land of "Soon Come" are being donated back to the Mary Gate of Heaven Parish. Coyle is delighted with the sales and public response to the book thus far. She described how she received orders from out of state strangers who had read about the book in their local Franciscan newsletters and she said, “I've gotten wonderful feedback. It’s been really satisfying to know there are people who are buying not just because I’m a friend or family member. These are people who don’t have to write back after they get the book!”

Coyle said of her total experience, “If I’d known that writing a book would be this much fun, I would have done it a long time ago...The best part of writing was that it was not hard to write. It was the story that I have lived and it was in my heart and it was given to me.” She added, “I couldn’t have been happier with the results.”

In the Land of "Soon Come" is available for purchase online at the Cincinnati Book Publishing Store, through Amazon, or by emailing an order request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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