What Our Authors Say About Us

There is so much to say about Cincinnati Book Publishing, but what better source to learn about CBP from than the authors! They were in the shoes that you might soon be in should you choose to publish with CBP. They worked with us and loved us! Read our testimonials below to get to know the company better.


"Sue Ann Painter is an accomplished, creative writer and advisor. In writing my art career biography, she was very thorough with her interviews, making me feel comfortable talking about myself and my work. Sue Ann is extremely professional in the direction to take when structuring a book—she has an innate feel for the progression of the material. After publication Sue Ann, Tony Brunsman, and members of the publishing company continue to promote the book through book signings, events, and articles in the media."

Beverly Erschell, Profiled by Cincinnati Book Publishing along with her paintings and works on paper in The Art of Beverly Erschell and The Lucky Greyhound







"My experience with Cincinnati Book Publishing was and continues to be exceptional. Tony Brunsman led a team effort to turn our manuscript into the quality book we envisioned. Tony and Cincinnati Book Publishing have also continued to care about and work toward the commercial success of our book since it was published."

Keith Lawrence, Author of Your Retirement Quest






"I have partnered with Cincinnati Book Publishing for three books and have been consistently impressed with their capability, high standards, and ability to make the process feel like a family project. Not only do they bring their expertise to the work, but they also partner with the best of graphic designers and printers. I always felt like the full publishing team was there to make sure my books, both inside and out, were of the highest quality."

Alan Spector, Author of Baseball: Never Too Old to Play the Game, Hail Hail to U City High, and Your Retirement Quest




"I researched and wrote a book throughout my general surgery residency. My hope was to have it published for graduation three months hence. The commitment of Sue Ann Painter, Tony Brunsman, and Cincinnati Book Publishing's talented designer and understanding printer made it happen in record time. They went above and beyond the standard in making sure the book was published in time. I was greatly impressed with their level of dedication, professionalism, attention to detail, ease of communication, and the quality of the final product, a handsome illustrated history. On graduation day, I handed out Good Samaritan Hospital and Its Department of Surgery as a surprise gift to the surgeons who had worked tirelessly to train me. Cincinnati Book Publishing met and exceeded all my hopes and expectations."

Dr. Scott Kelley, Author of Good Samaritan Hospital and Its Department of Surgery




"Sue Ann Painter is a consummate professional who helped my co-author and me turn a draft manuscript into a book that sold 16,000 copies. She and marketing director Tony Brunsman provided guidance that was careful, professional, and of the highest quality. I would not hesitate to use their services again."

Judith Van Ginkel, Co-author with Betsy Kyte Newman of Life Begins and Ends with Girlfriends






"Sue Ann Painter and Tony Brunsman did a great job in publishing my book, Business Manners for Success—now in an updated second edition. It was easy, helpful, and convenient to work personally with them and the knowledgeable staff and associates of Cincinnati Book Publishing throughout the entire publishing process."

Marja Barrett, Consultant and author, Business Manners for Success





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