Cincinnati Book Publishing is pleased to announce the release of their newest title, The Ripple Effect: How Bethesda Transformed Healthcare in Cincinnati. The Ripple Effect follows the history of Bethesda in Cincinnati, from the hospital’s beginnings as a single building in Mt. Auburn to a multi-faceted healthcare organization partnered with Tri-Health.'The Ripple Effect' Cover

The Ripple Effect was produced by Bethesda Inc.; the project was headed by Carol Lloyd and much of the research was completed by Applied History Associates.

Working as an editor on The Ripple Effect provided a fascinating opportunity to see the history laid out, in stories and photos, and make connections throughout the history of Bethesda and Cincinnati. Cincinnati Book Publishing worked closely with designers to include as much of the visual history as possible, alongside the textual anecdotes and information.


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Writing is a tough business; in self-publishing, an author must work tirelessly to create their content, then continue working to market and sell their finished book. Social media is a necessity in modern marketing, and an invaluable tool, because it can help sell your book before the manuscript is even finished.

By building up a follower base for your book or professional account, you automatically have an audience for the finished product.

The primary social media networks for authors are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Judge Mark Painter is an experienced lawyer with a distinguished career, yet he can still add to resume daily through his published works. Three of Painter’s five books have been published through Cincinnati Book Publishing, and he is currently in the process of creating the fifth edition of The Legal Writer: 40 Rules for the Art of Legal Writing.

Painter first decided to write The Legal Writer because he had already complied the material throughout his career. He said, “I was doing a number of seminars on legal writing, and I had overhead slides – oh so long ago when there used to be overheads – and I had done so much work on that, rather than hand out copies on pieces of paper, it seemed sensible to grow it into a book. So I did.”lwcover 8 09.19160729 std

"Certainly if you include on your resume the number of books you've published, that adds to you credibility," Painter said.

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