Inexpensive Marketing for Independent Authors

By: Jessica Johnston


Marketing a book doesn’t have to incorporate something as big as a billboard or as elaborate as a television commercial, but it does have to garner attention. In terms of profit, breaking even after writing a book is good, but making profit from a book is great. Here are six easy and inexpensive marketing tips to help make profit from an independently published book:

1.  Half the battle of selling a book is getting the name out to potential buyers. In a world that revolves around social media, posting and tweeting about a book is effective. Do as much as possible to just get the name out. If you’re not a social media user, consider asking a family member for help or hiring a conscientious, technologically inclined person to create a separate Facebook page and Twitter account for the book. Post and tweet promotions or discounts, follow potential buyers and other authors, and be an active online presence.

2.  Marketing takes a little bit more than a social media presence. Cincinnati Book Publishing helps authors market their books by placing them with, area bookstores, and creating book-signing events, and interactive email blasts, which we distribute to target markets.

3. Get as much press as possible. Local newspapers often write about local people. Find out who the managing editor or the features editor is and send them an email. Pitch yourself as an author who lives in the area and inform them you’ve written a book about whatever the topic may be. Submit an op-ed about your topic if you have a non fiction subject.  Media coverage is an excellent way  to gain credibility, broaden your audience,  and appeal to people who may have never heard of your book.

4. Purchasing a domain name and creating a website can be beneficial for authors. Even if it’s a personal website that features the book, it gives people a place to go that provides as much information about the product as possible. Creating a website specifically for the book could also be beneficial. It’s one place that allows people to read about the book, purchase it, follow the author on social media, and even get to know more about the author behind the book. Again, this may be a project for a tech savvy person to take on.  Or just to help get started.

5.  Simple flyers made using Microsoft Word templates are also an effect tool. CBP distributes a list of books geared toward a specific audience to engage bookstores and libraries. For example, CBP recently sent out its “Children’s Summer Reading List.” Summer always gets people in the mood to read. Write up a little summary of why your book would be a good summer read, add some visuals and contact information, and distribute it to as many potential buyers as possible.

6. Consider having a professional headshot taken. Having a nice photograph of yourself to partner with your book goes a long way. People want to know the author, and editors are more inclined  to print professional photographs of the author.

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