'The Ripple Effect' Release

Cincinnati Book Publishing is pleased to announce the release of their newest title, The Ripple Effect: How Bethesda Transformed Healthcare in Cincinnati. The Ripple Effect follows the history of Bethesda in Cincinnati, from the hospital’s beginnings as a single building in Mt. Auburn to a multi-faceted healthcare organization partnered with Tri-Health.'The Ripple Effect' Cover

The Ripple Effect was produced by Bethesda Inc.; the project was headed by Carol Lloyd and much of the research was completed by Applied History Associates.

Working as an editor on The Ripple Effect provided a fascinating opportunity to see the history laid out, in stories and photos, and make connections throughout the history of Bethesda and Cincinnati. Cincinnati Book Publishing worked closely with designers to include as much of the visual history as possible, alongside the textual anecdotes and information.



The engaging story highlights the inspiring work of many healthcare professionals – nurses, educators, doctors, and administrators – who shaped Bethesda into the organization it is today. Many stories within the book demonstrate the rise of women in industry, as the School of Nursing created a new fields for professional women in social work and healthcare.

The book not only shows the revolution of healthcare in Cincinnati, but also illuminates much of the city’s cultural history. Bethesda originated in 1896, when a German Methodist minister convened seven women deacons to found the Deaconess Association and Bethesda Hospital intending to minister to the health and spiritual needs of the sick poor, especially the large immigrant community from the German states.

The Ripple Effect: How Bethesda Transformed Healthcare in Cincinnati is now available for purchase on the Cincinnati Book Publishing online store.

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