About Cincinnati Book Publishers

Cincinnati Book Publishing offers an entrepreneurial approach to publishing. Many talented authors have experienced frustration in getting their work accepted by national publishers. Cincinnati Book Publishing is helping authors self-publish their work.

We are a Cincinnati, Ohio firm, and we partner with the best local graphic artists, editors, printers, and book binders. The talent and craftsmanship in Cincinnati is remarkable, and yet prices are competitive. Working with local talent allows the authors to be involved in many interesting aspects of the production process, such as meeting with the design artist and touring the printing plant.

Cincinnati Book Publishing has expertise in all aspects of book publishing and marketing. Our clients, whether individual authors, business firms, or non-profit institutions, invest in producing their own work. We provide assistance with editing, art and design, print production, marketing, bookstore sales, direct mail and fulfillment, and will even identify and help secure funding for non-profit ventures.


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